PEACE OF CODE supported by Google Europe

In the period of 20th-23rd of October 2016 in the Peace Flame House Tuzla 7 workshops will be held under the name “Peace <of> Code” organized by Art&Science Association Laboratorium Tuzla. The project is part of a global event “Code Week” which holds the idea that coding/programming should be demystified, transparent, open and available to

Experiment No.1 – Antonimirani

Experiment No.1 Antonimirani „At dusk the cock announces dawn At midnight, the bright sun.“ Zen poem This is the first experimental exhibition of our Art&Science group Laboratorium. The goal of this experiment was the analysis of the concept on terms that we believe are in a certain contradiction – antonyms.  The terms that are mutually

Paper Plane Project 2013

U Tuzli će se 21.09.2013. održati realizacija projekta «Paper plane – papirni avion» u organizaciji DripDrop Collective iz Portlanda i udruženja Laboratorium iz Tuzle. Paper plane project je internacionali projekat koji povezuje nekoliko zemalja širom svijeta. Njegov cilj jeste da se kreiranjem globalnog događaja (svaka zemlja će imati svoj performans) razbije svaka umjetna granica između