About Us

Laboratorium is a Non-Profit Association  established on March 26, 2015 in Tuzla.

The main focus of our work Association is on research and educational projects in arts, science and technology. We strongly believe that the current discourse in the world of both art and science should include more projects that merge and synthesize these seemingly opposite areas of human knowledge.

Our team is composed of young and experienced professionals in STEAM areas, with strong management capabilities, specifically

Leila Hadžić (A.- President and Co-founder),

Muris Halilović (A.Vice President and Co-founder),

Sabina Merić (N.A.Co-Founder),

Sanela Čakarić-Bojić (A.Member),

Tanja Madžarević (A.Member),

Selma Puzić (A.Member),

Amra Fazlić (A.Member),

Davor Jenko (A.Member),

Edis Muratović (A.Member),

Majda Jogunčić (N.A.Member),

Ina Salihović (N.A.Member),

Irhad Suljić (N.A.Member),

Semra Sukanović (N.A.– Member),

Zlatko Jogunčić (N.A.– Member),

Zlatko Alomerović (N.A.– Member),

Tarik Arslanagić (N.A.– Member),

Dejan Bojić (N.A.– Member),

Muamer Halilović (N.A.– Member),

Tarik Fazlić (N.A.– Member)