Experiment No.1 – Antonimirani

Experiment No.1


„At dusk the cock announces dawn
At midnight, the bright sun.“
Zen poem

This is the first experimental exhibition of our Art&Science group Laboratorium. The goal of this experiment was the analysis of the concept on terms that we believe are in a certain contradiction – antonyms. 

The terms that are mutually contradictory usually seem to us as two endpoints/extremes of one line, and we often feel that they exclude each other. Opposites are abstract concepts that fall within the scope of thought and as such, they are relative. The very act of focusing to any particular concept we create its opposite. Concretely, if we talk about the conflict between sexes. One of the fundamental polarities in life is the one that exists between the male and female side of human nature. Western civilization traditionally presumes the masculine to the feminine side, rather than realize that the personality of every man and every woman is a result of interweaving.* How and why there has been a split in the perception of things and the rule of dualism? We should look for the source in the old-Greek learning of the Eleatics and in the teachings of René Descartes. Understanding that all opposites are in fact closely connected and uninsulated is known in Eastern philosophy as “awakening” and is not just an intellectual act, but also an experience that involves the whole person. Experimental results are presented in the form of photos and short videos.

Leila Hadžić, Creative Engineer
Muris Halilović, Creative Producer
* Fritjof Capra „Tao of Physics“

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